Packages Available for Any Size Team

Packages are available for any sized group of people, created usually in 1-, 3-, 6- or 12-month increments. We are happy to customize a package based on your needs, from weekly yoga and movement practices, to optional meditation sessions, as well as mindful practices such as mindful eating and connecting.

All practices and classes can be tailored to the time demands of your team, with one hour per class unless otherwise requested.

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Holistic Packages

1 month, 4 yoga classes, 1 meditation class, 1 mindful workshop for $750

3 months, 12 yoga classes, 3 meditation classes, 3 mindful workshops for $1550

6 months, 24 yoga classes, 3 meditation classes, 3 mindful workshops for $3250

12 months, 48 yoga classes, 12 meditation classes, 12 mindful workshops for $6250

*Option to add on massage, nutritional counseling, personal training, pilates, and more! Just ask.

Movement Only Packages

1 month, 4 yoga classes for $450

3 months, 12 yoga classes for $1150

6 months, 24 yoga classes for $2250

12 months, 48 yoga classes for $4500


Learn the benefits of MNDFL for your team


Focused, happy employees

Mindfulness and movement help to prevent burn-out, mental exhaustion, and over stressed employees, providing a dedicated space for employees to decompress, move, sweat, and relax. Yoga helps to provide increase in muscle tone, strength, and flexibility, which helps reduce pain and injury, while also deepening creativity, focus, and energy.

Less Sicks Days & PTO

MNDFL Agency movement and wellness programs typically provide a $1.00-$5.60 return on investment in terms of improved efficiency, effectiveness, and lower absenteeism - that's a $2,800 ROI for each MNDFL session! Self-insured companies also typically enjoy an annual reduction of $200 per employee for health costs.

Achieve Work/Life Balance!

So often companies promise "work-life balance," but how often are these promises met? At one hour in length, our practices are tailored for a busy workday, with our yoga taught for all levels in vinyasa flow style so that regardless of experience, anyone can participate. Restorative and yin classes are also available, in the event a more gentle class is needed that day.


Your employees are waiting.

Remember, it is easier to stay well than it is to get well.