MNDFL Agency helps eliminate burnout and provide greater work-life balance, serving clients and corporations looking to deepen mindful connection and wellbeing.



Startup & Corporate Wellness

Mindfulness and movement help to prevent burn-out, mental exhaustion, and over stressed employees, providing a dedicated space for employees to decompress, move, sweat, and relax. Yoga helps to provide increase in muscle tone, strength, and flexibility, which helps reduce pain and injury, while also deepening creativity, focus, and energy.

House Calls & Events

We encourage an active home practice, whether by yourself, your partner, your family, or for your next event, including any celebration or gathering. Practices are available in Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Recovery, Pre-and Post-Natal, available to be tailored to the needs of participants. Classes are traditionally an hour long for singles and family private practices, with 1.5 hours encouraged for partner yoga.

Join the Tribe

Are you passionate about corporate and private wellness? Are you a healer, teacher, mover and shaker? Are you certified and insured to teach your offering? Do you find yourself often conflicted between a mermaid, a unicorn, and Stevie Nicks as your Spirit Animal? If so, we would love to have you join our Tribe! We already have some fantastic teachers, healers, music makers, writers, and artists in our coalition, but we are always looking to add more. 



“We really appreciated having Ashley from MNDFL Agency as our yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher. She worked around our packed calendar effortlessly, immediately centering the room with her grounding presence. My team is more happy and healthy, thanks to MNDFL!”

- Charles Koh, Google


Easily available in the greater Bay Area, with open availability for travel and onsite support, as well as sourcing local teachers for your office or next event.